Welcome to Tamil New Year 2023, also known as Puthandu! This festival marks the beginning of the Tamil calendar and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy across the world. Let's explore the significance and customs of this auspicious occasion!

Tamil New Year! Wishes 2023

Mango Pachadi, a traditional dish eaten during Tamil New Year, symbolizes the six different emotions of life with its six distinct tastes

Experience the Six Emotions of Life with Mango Pachadi

Tamil New Year signifies new beginnings and reflection. 'Kanni' is a significant custom, involving looking at auspicious items upon waking - gold, silver, fruits, and flowers

A Time for New Beginnings and the Custom of Kanni

During Tamil New Year, people visit temples and decorate their homes with colorful Kolams and Torans. They seek blessings for prosperity and success

Blessings and Decorating Homes with Kolams and Torans

Tamil New Year is celebrated by embracing our traditions, spreading love, and passing them on to the next generation. this festival is memorable for ourselves and loved ones

Embracing Traditions and Spreading Love